Service & Support

Providing a comprehensive range of fully integrated services to all of our tenants, whenever their needs arise.
Quality Service

We are here to help

It’s our company’s commitment to ensure all of our properties are maintained in tip-top condition.

We maintain a list of pre-qualified contractors and vendors to mobilize as needed to assist us with any ongoing maintenance or emergency responses required.

With properties located throughout Northern California we select vendors located close to our properties that can provide us with quality service and quick response time.

Tenant Support

Going a step beyond

Black Mountain Properties makes every stage in the leasing and tenant improvement process more productive and economical with resources that are vaster and deeper than you would expect from a company our size.

The professional staff at Black Mountain Properties provides a consistent and comprehensive range of fully integrated services to all of our clients, whenever their needs arise.

While our services can be different in scope, they serve one common aim – to help our tenants become more effective and efficient, and ultimately more successful in their field of expertise.


We Provide Solutions

Black Mountain’s management style is hands-on and win-win; always striving to make it better for everyone we do business with in every community we serve.

We are listening to what you want at Black Mountain Properties and it’s our intention to make every property in our portfolio deliver to its highest potential. That’s our way of doing business.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with resolving any issues with your own operations. This includes everything from replacing burned out light bulbs on exit signs to obtaining use permits with city departments, installing modern telecommunications systems or any other building related issues.


Tenant Support Services

We are a locally owned and operated Property Management Company providing all of our tenants with personalized, attentive service with thorough communication.

Our staff has over 50 years of expert knowledge of the construction industry and local real estate market.

Architectural & Design

Space planning and layout

We have established relationships with local architects providing professional services for all size of tenant improvements & construction projects.

Established relationships with local structural, mechanical and electrical engineers help us to provide professional services for all size of tenant improvements & construction projects.

General Contractors

Tenant improvement and repairs

Our established relationships with local General Contractors allows for tenant improvements & construction projects that are meet and exceed tenants’ needs.

We have established relationships with local sub-contractors, furniture providers and other specialized vendors of all types

Local Planning & Building Department

Occupancy and space permitting

Our ongoing relationships with the local building and planning officials allows us to assist all of our tenants as they interface with these city officials of these issues when we have the opportunity, which is throughout the time we are partnering with our tenant.

Become apart of our valued tenant community

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