Black Mountain Properties, LLC

The Company

Since its founding in 1937 in San Carlos, California, Black Mountain Properties has grown along with the commercial real estate industry, evolving from its simple start to its present-day status as one of Northern California’s most respected family-owned property development and management firms.

Our tenant experience range is broad; it includes members of the Fortune 500, non-profits, government organizations, retail and service firms, as well as small boutique companies and technology start-ups. We help each of them locate and enjoy the right facilities for their unique operations, in the most efficient manner. Helping them along their way by providing valuable services and improvements, as well as sound advice is part of our commitment to their success and growth.

Black Mountain Spring Water

The Legacy

You start with an idea and it becomes a success through hard work. That’s the story of our previous company, Black Mountain Spring Water. The next challenge facing you is how to make it better.

That’s not as easy as it sounds, and just like the water company, our firm continues to believe in striving for improving upon the status quo. Why, we asked ourselves, shouldn’t we conduct business with our tenants and cooperative brokers, the same way we would like to be served? This is just one example of how our legacy has been translated into our company’s operations every day.

We are changing perceptions how business owners, landlords and brokers see one another and work together.

George Washington Faulstich

The Founder

George Washington Faulstich founded the Black Mountain Spring Water Company in 1937, and it was, until being purchased by Nestle in 1999, the largest independently-owned bottled water company in the United States.

However, long before Black Mountain became a popular brand enjoyed by 75,000 homes and businesses in the Bay Area, and on foodstore shelves throughout the West, George’s strategy was to buy land and build upon it.

George and his wife Altha built homes for their own family, then their three daughters and their families. Businesses and plants soon followed when many of the patents that he and his grandson Joe “Sparky” Bullock designed became businesses in their own right;, such as the Cap Snap Seal, the world’s first plastic, snap-on bottle cap. When you pull off a plastic sealed cap on a bottle today, you’ll know who created it.

As the family grew and the businesses demanded more, it was George and Joe who founded Three Sisters Ranch Enterprises to develop commercial, retail and residential real estate throughout Northern California. All the while, the water company was generating double-digit growth year after year under Joe’s leadership.

The philosophy that George instilled in everyone was to work hard, give the very best service to the customers, and deliver the highest possible quality. Today that philosophy is at work at Black Mountain Properties. George would be proud.