Vice President of Finance

Sonya Thompson

Sonya is a dedicated, determined, hands-on individual with experience in all areas of Real Estate Accounting, to include Residential, Commercial, Retail, Private Equity and Corporate Accounting.

Sonya handles all of the accounting needs of Black Mountain Properties, including the preparation of quarterly reports, annual budgets and financial statements.

Prior to joining Black Mountain Properties on February 3, 2014, Sonya held the position as Senior Portfolio Accountant for fifteen years at a large property management company in San Mateo, Ca. In that position she was responsible for all areas of accounting and full fledge bookkeeping utilizing GAAP.

Sonya is comfortable overseeing all areas of tenant relations, lease abstracting, customer service, tenant billing adjustments, accounts receivable tracking, assessing late fees and CPI rent increases.

Sonya is always ready to assist all Black Mountain Staff researching tenant issues and concerns as they relate to accounting. She is familiar with sales and acquisitions and ready to start a new project when requested. She is the smiling energetic woman with a big personality keeping track of all financial areas for Black Mountain Properties.