Property Manager

John McGowan

Joining Black Mountain Properties, John is excited to be on board and bring his well-developed skills to this dynamic management team. He will oversee part of the commercial portfolio of buildings and tenants, interacting with tenants, vendors, and municipalities.

John is an outstanding strategic thinker who will listen, participate, and execute on behalf of all the players. He has a natural gracefulness that makes it enjoyable and comfortable for both tenants and vendors to work with him. He carries confidence and strong leadership skills with ease. Combined with the ability to listen and communicate with integrity, his win-win mindset has people willing to work together towards the optimal goals.

John has a well-rounded understanding of the many influences that impact the different areas of business, he has in-depth experience in the dynamics of business, and a skill set for customer relations. Being part of his family-owned business, working on commercial and movie productions, as well as his strong team-oriented sports background, John is an ideal business partner.

As a strong athlete, John received recognition at Carlmont High School and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame at the school in 2006. His mentor through school received the same recognition in 1976 at the same school. John played baseball into his college tenure and played many positions with dominance. Most recently, John can be found on the golf course with family and friends. One of his favorite activities to engage in. Just as he is well-rounded in his career path, in his personal time, John enjoys driving cars, drag racing, golf, bowling, gaming and going to the movies. Corvette school and Pinks All Out Drag Racing Series are among good memories.

John places his family and friends in the highest regards, as they do he. Family is especially important to John. There are strong bonds between family members as John is an identical twin. He carries his grandfather’s name(sake) who was a heroic WWII B-17 Flying Fortress pilot and POW. John is a loyal friend and is an animal and kid magnet.

John plans on the Company’s direction of clear vision and innovative solutions to guide his career. He is excited about being part of a work environment where tenants choose BMP and commit long term to their properties and management. When you see John, offer up a hello.