Joe "Sparky" Bullock

Chief Executive Officer
Joe "Sparky" Bullock

A legacy of excellence

Throughout his life, Joe Bullock has been determined to achieve one thing: excellence.

He believes there are several ways to accomplish this, yet his proven methodology is to visualize the end product he wants to achieve and then, keeping that clearly in mind, he will fine-tune it with the involvement of other individual’s talents and creativity.

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details and that’s the difference between achieving a goal and accomplishing excellence. Evidence of his success is apparent with intangibles, such as Joe’s relationships. When you meet him, he’s present, focused on you and listening to what you have to say and how he can help. There’s joy in being around him and pleasure in doing business with him because he cares about making your relationship with him and the company excellent and win-win.

Joe learned all about business from his grandfather, by doing it, not studying for it. He also learned to solve problems using his head as well as his heart. So, he expresses his gratitude in generous, unselfish acts of kindness that for the most part he keeps quiet, for he doesn’t seek recognition nor fame. He truly fits the definition of a Renaissance Man for he has invented and patented many successfully products, designed and constructed buildings and machines of all sizes and shapes, and achieved world achievements as a sportsman and automobile enthusiast. His philanthropy and financial investing is brilliant, yet conservative.

Joe Bullock brings his vision, dedication and feeling of camaraderie to everyone he meets and everyone he does business with to Black Mountain Properties. In a word, it’s all about excellence. Yet in his life, it’s enjoying the process along the way.


Sparky's Hot Rod Garage

"Everyday is a holiday!"

Joe “Sparky” Bullock’s success in business is only surpassed by his success in enjoying his life to the fullest.  Not only is he passionate about Hot Rods, attending and displaying his cars throughout California car shows, but he’s also an avid wild game and duck hunter, as well as a storied fisherman.

During his teen years, Sparky could be found cruising drive-in’s downtown. He has been a proficient driver since he bought his first car, a 1940 coupe at the age of 12, and sharpened his skills on the family property.  Sparky’s love of machinery was a must for a young hot rod enthusiasts who enjoyed modifying cars. Since then, he has accumulated a collection of over 20 custom built hot rods and street rods, not including a couple of race cars and bikes. 

Sparky grew his collection well beyond the capacity of his previous garage, so when he moved his company headquarters to San Carlos, he created a special place to house his collection, known as Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage. It was a museum like environment, complete with period artifacts, including a gas station and 50’s type diner, complete with a juke box, and vintage coke machines. Although his collection and garage were private, Sparky hosted numerous parties for friends and charitable events.  He began his annual summer fundraiser with his Rodder’s Bar-B-Que several years ago, which has now benefited a diverse number of non-profit organizations.  It began with a couple hundred guests and has since grown to a couple thousand in recent years. 

Sparky’s garage was a place where his friends and family have enjoyed many fun and memorable times.  However, you can see in his smile that his most prized possession has always been the company of friends and loved ones. That’s just the kind of person he is, he finds happiness in making those he loves happy, and in return he is always surrounded by people that love him.

When you first meet Sparky, you are immediately enthralled by his jolly personality and his contagious laugh, and there is an authenticity about him that’s welcoming. His pride and joy has always been his three sons, but his six grandchildren are not far behind, and already has his youngest grandson following in his footsteps.

Although Sparky’s garage was a place to envy, the way he lives his life is much more coveted.

Cars shows, events, parties and so much more

Remembering Sparky's Hot Rod Garage

Surrounded by entertaining collectables, planes and custom hot rods; Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage provided its guests a truly memorable event.