Property Manager

Jamie McGowan

With his fun-loving personality and professional work ethics, Jamie is a perfect fit to join the Black Mountain Properties team where he will oversee a portion of their commercial portfolio of buildings and tenants. He brings a well-rounded background in various fields that give him a fresh perspective when working at problem-solving. 

With an extensive background in flooring and general construction garnered while working for his family’s business over many years, Jamie can fully assess the opportunities and challenges and make informed strategic recommendations. Beyond flooring, Jamie’s background includes acting, and semi-professional sports. His has been acting since he was 3 years old and is well trained to take on various roles. As a baseball player, he has been a part of a “Team” most of his life and always has an eye on what is best for the entire team. This translates well in business, as a win-win solution is always the goal.

Born and raised in Redwood City, Jamie is embedded into the community. He went to Carlmont High School where rising to the level of an MLB Baseball Player was his goal. While an arm injury sidelined Jamie prior to joining the MLB, he still carries a true love of the sport. During his baseball tenure, he was one of the most talked and written about local players.

Beyond sports, Jamie’s hobbies include driving cars, drag racing, golf, bowling, and gaming. In 2006, he won his first Wally trophy in the High School drag racing division. Racing his Duster in 2010, Jamie competed in the Pinks All Out Drag Racing Series. These days, you can find Jamie on the golf course with family and friends. He is an identical twin, grandson to a heroic WWII B-17 Flying Fortress pilot and POW and is dedicated to his family and friends. He loves kids and aspires to be a good husband and father.

Jamie looks forward to supporting the Company’s direction of clear vision and innovative solutions, develop long lasting relationships with BMP Tenants, and being a part of a happy, healthy work environment. If there was one word to define Jamie it would be — TEAM!